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10 tips to manage study stress

How can you prevent study stress from taking over your life? Be inspired by Jack Edwards as he talks you through 10 ways to manage this time in your life.

Top tips

Write down your feelings and thoughts to organise how you’re feeling... then get rid of it! Unload some of your stress by ripping it up and throwing it away.

Put it into practice

When things feel overwhelming then break your day down into smaller tasks. Plan the time when you’ll study, when you’ll eat, when you’ll do something fun for yourself, and so on. Remember to also set aside some unspecified time and use it to catch up on tasks that took you longer than expected.

Put it into practice

Use mindfulness to distract yourself from the stress you’re facing. One simple way to do this is by immersing yourself fully in a small task. An example of this could be making yourself a warm drink: from the noise of the kettle boiling to the smell wafting from your mug, focus on every little detail of the process.

Put it into practice

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