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Calming your body

What does relaxing your body have to do with being a calmer person? Learn why these tips for calming down your body also change your state of mind.

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Your body and mind function together, so when your mind is busy and stressed this will show in your body (and vice versa). This means that it’s important to relax your body as well as your mind if you want to feel absolute calm.

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Exercises like progressive muscle relaxation or running are simple ways to release the pent up energy in your body. Getting rid of the tension in your body can instantly change your mindset and give you a quick endorphin boost!

Put it into practice

When you’re unsure of how you’re feeling emotionally it can be useful to look for clues in your body. Using these tips and tricks to calm your body provides a baseline for this, so if an emotion does present itself physically you’ll be able to easily notice it.

Put it into practice

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