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Calming your mind

How do you quiet the busyness of your mind? Check out these techniques to calm your mind by focusing on your 5 senses.

Top tips

The best way to begin calming your mind is by getting rid of outside distractions. You can do this by simply closing your eyes, by having a tidy environment, turning off screens, and going somewhere quiet are all extra ways to avoid getting thrown off by the busy world around you.

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Nature is known to have a calming effect on the brain, so if you’re not one for sitting still try going for a mindful walk instead. A walk in nature helps to ground you in the present, and is a handy reminder that most things are out of your control.

Put it into practice

What you hear can be just as distracting as what you see! Replace loud music with a meditation or nature soundscape to quieten your mind.

Put it into practice

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