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Daily ways to build your confidence and happiness

What are some simple ways to inject body positivity into your day? Discover how Mia YS Malik experiences the pressures of social media, and some of the ways she shows her body love on a daily basis.

Top tips

Health and happiness are the priority when it comes to your body, so focus on what you like about yourself. Be it the colour of your hair or the shape of your calves, take a moment to compliment yourself as you would do to a friend each day.

Put it into practice

Even though it’s lockdown still take the time to look after yourself. Take care of your appearance and wear outfits you feel good in. If you exercise, do it for a happy rush of endorphins, not because you’re insecure about your appearance.

Put it into practice

Push yourself to be more confident in all areas of your life. Feeling confident about yourself as a whole will help you feel more loving towards your body. And, if all else fails, never forget the power of “fake it ‘til you make it”!

Put it into practice

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