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Dealing with loneliness

How do you deal with feelings of loneliness in a healthy way? Here are Doctor Khalid’s 5 tips to help you overcome loneliness.

Top tips

Switch off and distract yourself by taking up a new hobby. Relieve stress through activities you enjoy such as reading, drawing, and gaming. If you try something new then give it at least a month before deciding whether it’s the hobby for you or not.

Put it into practice

Build some routine and structure to give you a sense of purpose, especially if there is a time of day when you feel most lonely. Add some exercise into your routine as an encouragement to spend time outside

Put it into practice

Be kind to yourself. Loneliness is tough, but you’re getting through it day by day. Low energy days are allowed, but try and lift your spirits with fun activities to avoid this feeling lasting.

Put it into practice

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