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Every small acts of kindness helps

How can you be kinder in your everyday life? Kindness advocate Orly Wahba shares how her ‘kindness cards’ have reached over 20 million people.

Top tips

Putting kindness into action doesn’t have to be through huge gestures that take hours to do- simply phoning a friend and asking how they’re doing is a small act of kindness.

Put it into practice

Kindness is a ripple effect. If you perform a good deed towards someone else it’s likely that you will inspire them to pay the kindness forwards - imagine how far your act of kindness could spread.

Put it into practice

When you look around you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to be just a little bit kinder everyday. Simply looking someone in the eye, smiling at a passerby, or saying ‘thank you’ to a cashier may be the kindness that they need today.

Put it into practice

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