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Finding what works for you

Learning to manage your nerves may take time, but how have other people found ways to overcome their anxieties? See if Rachel Lord’s tried and tested methods will work for you.

Top tips

Use shock or distraction techniques to ground yourself in anxiety-provoking situations. Shock techniques such as eating something engage your senses to ‘shock’ you away from overwhelming thoughts, whereas distraction techniques like going on social media or practicing mindfulness are more soothing.

Put it into practice

Log your mood to identify your patterns and triggers. There’s now a range of mood logging apps, with some of them allowing you to share your log and connect with others who feel the same.

Put it into practice

Remind, repeat, and reassure; remind yourself of all the times you felt this way before and everything worked out ok, repeat to yourself these examples, and use these past experiences to reassure yourself that you can get through this. Looking back at similar worrying situations gives you perspective that things aren’t always as serious as they seem.

Put it into practice

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