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Gratitude 101

Why is gratitude useful for your overall wellbeing? Take 2 minutes to learn the basics of gratitude: what it is, why it’s beneficial, and how it can be practiced.

Top tips

Gratitude has been shown to improve your psychological health- it helps to increase your happiness, decrease melancholy, and strengthen your emotional resilience. Being grateful also helps to boost your self esteem and your expression of empathy.

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Gratitude can benefit your physical health too! It’s thought that because thankfulness lowers your stress levels it helps you feel more energetic, sleep better, suffer less chronic pain, reduce blood pressure, and extend life expectancy.

Put it into practice

When you actively practice gratitude over a period of time your brain begins to function differently. Dopamine and serotonin production is kickstarted and this increases the activity within the ‘bliss centre’ of your brain.

Put it into practice

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