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Habits for lasting happiness

How can you be happier on a day to day basis? What thoughts and habits can raise your mood for the long term? These are the 15 habits YouTuber Lavendaire practices to keep on smiling.

Top tips

Instead of holding on to grudges and obsessing over things that you can’t go back and change, teach yourself to let go. This means apologising when you’re in the wrong, forgiving others for their mistakes, and enjoying life in the present moment.

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Trust your inner voice. Take time to figure out what your values are in life so you can find ways to live by them each day. In order to trust yourself you also need to have a sense of self love and confidence- with these you’ll know that you deserve to be happy and follow your heart.

Put it into practice

Forgive yourself when you mess up. The most important part of making mistakes is how you deal with them; celebrate what you did right, focus on what you gained from the experience, then gently pick yourself up and move on!

Put it into practice

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