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Habits to help you get and stay motivated

How do you become consistently motivated? Give these 8 tips a try to begin developing habits that encourage self-motivation.

Top tips

Make sure you’re looking after yourself. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, so get a good night's sleep, fuel yourself with slow-release foods, and make taking care of yourself a priority in order to keep your motivation levels up throughout the day.

Put it into practice

Start your task on a Monday. The beginning of a new week can inspire a positive mindset where you look at the task ahead as a fresh opportunity. You’re also compelled to finish what you started, so beginning on a Monday gives you 6 extra days to complete your task.

Put it into practice

Break your goal down into smaller steps, then work on those steps using the ‘Pomodoro’ technique. The task ahead of you feels less overwhelming when broken down, and using the 25 minute Pomodoro technique keeps your work focused and effective.

Put it into practice

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