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How gratitude helped me

Do you feel a bit sceptical about the powers of a gratitude journal? Don’t worry- lots of people are! Rachel Lord shares her journey, from starting as a gratitude sceptic to now being a firm believer in its benefits.

Top tips

It can feel strange to start practicing gratitude, but as you keep practicing it becomes easier to find the positives. To help you get into the swing of things use social media to inspire your positivity and shift your mindset that extra bit during the day.

Put it into practice

Take the time to find 3 things you’re grateful for before you go to sleep. This improves your quality of sleep, distracts you from overthinking, and helps you wake up the next morning in a good mood.

Put it into practice

Remind yourself of times you felt happy and grateful by looking at old pictures and making yourself a memory box. Being able to see these happy times will give you an extra boost of gratitude on tough days.

Put it into practice

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