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How to deal with a bad body image day

How can you cope with those days of extreme insecurity? Here’s 9 ideas for challenging negativity, so you can keep positive and confident in your skin.

Top tips

When you’re particularly struggling with body confidence avoid opportunities to compare yourself with others, especially with images in the media. It’s harder these days to forget that there’s a lot going on that a photo doesn’t show.

Put it into practice

Don’t turn to dieting. The diet industry is designed to feed off of your insecurities and the ‘quick fixes’ they offer very rarely work. Always keep your focus on being healthy and kind to your body in every part of your lifestyle.

Put it into practice

Embrace your uniqueness! Remind yourself that there’s no other body out there that’s the same as yours and focus on the things that make you feel good. This also means celebrating everything your body can do rather than only looking at your appearance.

Put it into practice

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