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How To Deal With Anxiety: Oral Presentations

Some subjects may involve an oral, or presentation portion of your grade. This can be incredible daunting for some people. In this video Jess shares some advice on how to overcome this anxiety.

Top tips

Practice makes perfect. Practice infront of the mirror, infront of family and friends, to yourself before you go to bed. The more familiar you are with your content, the less variables there will be on the day. For language exams record the audio of common questions that will be asked and save them onto flash card apps such as Anki. This will give you daily practice in a random order so you can easily recognise and answer what questions are asked on the day.

Put it into practice

If your exam allows notes, make sure they are effective and used in the correct way. They are a great way of being a prompt if your nerves get the better of you, but are not meant to be a script to read from.

Put it into practice

If notes are not allowed for your oral presentation, such as in a language exam. Make sure you are well prepared for what is likely to be asked. Look for examiner guidance online to see what you are going to expected to do, and what is expected of the examiner.

Put it into practice

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