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Keeping level-headed through exam season

Being stressed out about exams, coursework, presentations, etc. makes studying a lot harder, so how can you keep calm as the pressure builds? Stay level-headed during these times by trying out these 2 coping techniques.

Top tips

Move away from the situation Step back from your situation for a while to clear your head and recentre yourself. This can be through distractions that lift your mood, by going somewhere that you find inspires positivity, or by doing a mindful activity to reconnect with yourself.

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Find productive steps forwards Put in measures that will reduce your stress levels. Feel on top of things by organising what you’ll need for something ahead of time, structuring your day with to-do lists (or a timetable if that works better for you), and by taking care of yourself physically and mentally- healthy body, healthy mindset!

Put it into practice

It’s also always helpful to have a support network you can fall back on if things get too much. They can help you talk through what’s bothering you and be a voice of reason to put your situation into perspective.

Put it into practice

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