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Kindness is an inside job

Does being kind to others make you kinder to yourself, or is it the other way round? It turns out that you’ve got to start with self-kindness, and Divine Thorpe-Blair is here to tell you why.

Top tips

Others will treat you as you treat yourself, so be kind to yourself! When you receive negative messages it’s common to carry those through your life and let them shape how you see yourself, but don’t let other people’s opinions define who you are. Begin each day with a compliment that celebrates what you love about yourself.

Put it into practice

Do things your future self will thank you for. This includes self care, so discover simple ways to be more self-loving throughout the day- it’s important to build a long-lasting and happy relationship with yourself.

Put it into practice

Remember that you don’t know other people's situations. Something you do could easily make or break someone's day, so remain kind and compassionate by asking yourself ‘would I appreciate it if someone did this to me?’ before you act.

Put it into practice

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