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Mindfulness for calm

When did you last do nothing- no people, no screens, no reading, nothing? Find out why your brain needs a mindful ‘time-out’ every once in a while.

Top tips

Your mind controls everything you do; it controls your emotions, your behaviours, and your thoughts. You need it to be focused, creative, and spontaneous, so why don’t you take time out to look after it when it performs such a tough job 24/7?

Put it into practice

You can keep calm when dealing with external responsibilities and internal thoughts through mindfulness. Mindfulness isn’t only a cure for the stress you’re currently experiencing – it also prevents stress from building by teaching you how to stay relaxed in stressful moments.

Put it into practice

Take just 10 minutes a day to discover more about yourself, get perspective, and offer your mind a chance to rest and recuperate with a mindful activity or mindfulness exercise.

Put it into practice

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