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Most Effective Ways To Study - GCSE

Finding effective study methods for you is a valuable tool in making your revision time as impactful as possible. In this video Udoka talks us through what methods he used for his GCSE mock exam preparation.

Top tips

There are lots of different methods in order to learn and revise content. Finding what works for you will make all future revision much easier for you. This is the reason why learning a third language is easier than a second. You know what works for you and what doesn’t which sky rockets efficiency.

Put it into practice

Get creative with your notes to help reinforce your learning. Complex ideas may be easier to understand in a visual format, which in turn will make it easier to remember.

Put it into practice

Be prepared for every part of the exam process. On top of knowing the material well, make sure you know when then exam is, where you need to be, what seat you’re in etc. It also helps to know what to do in the scenario that you do not know the answer. Speak to your teachers about whether your exam board does positive marking, and what you can do to get marks even if you don’t know the answer.

Put it into practice

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