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My journey through depression

When you’re struggling with a low mood, does it feel like no-one understands? Find comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one by listening to Rishal's experience of depression and the tricks he’s found to manage his mood.

Top tips

Struggling with low moods is a different experience for everyone, and there’s no universal trigger for it. Figuring out the symptoms of when you’re down (eg. feeling numb, tired, not eating properly, isolating) gives insight into how you can combat them.

Put it into practice

Spending time with others is really important when you’re suffering with low moods. People who lift your spirits help to distract you, and they will give you the opportunity to speak about your struggles. Talking stops problems from developing and relieves symptoms, so be honest and vulnerable with those you love and trust.

Put it into practice

Set aside time for mental and physical self care. Treat yourself to a relaxing pamper session, spend an hour reading a good book, go outside to get your body moving, or quiet your mind with a guided meditation. 

Put it into practice

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