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Overcoming loneliness in a new place

How do you get out and make friends when you’re in a new place? Use these 4 steps for inspiration to get out, try new things, and meet new people.

Top tips

Sometimes meeting new people can be scary. What if they're too different and we don't get along? What if things get really, really awkward? Well, Kid President says, embrace the AWKWARD!

Put it into practice

To get out and meet new people start by identifying what you like to do, and which of those involve other people. Sign up to classes and join activities where you’ll meet like-minded people.

Put it into practice

It can feel awkward at first, but start making small talk with people. Ask interesting questions and be present in the conversation to begin building a connection with them. Friendships take time and effort to grow, so battle through the awkward stage and keep on being yourself to form genuine deep relationships.

Put it into practice

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