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Staying social whilst studying

Feeling alone makes difficult situations seem 10x worse, so how do you find balance between keeping connected and managing your workload? In this Q&A Jake Clarke explores how FOMO, insecurity, and withdrawing from friends can be more damaging than missing a study session.

Top tips

Don’t allow your imagination to run wild with FOMO insecurities. Seeing that your friends are out and about without you isn’t a reason to mistrust the value of your relationships. Focus on yourself and what you need rather than comparing with others, and instead use it as a reminder that it’s important to balance having study time and social time.

Put it into practice

Busyness can overwhelm your life to the point where you withdraw and isolate. When this happens it’s likely that your insecurities will grow, and you’ll spiral into withdrawing more from relationships. Avoid this by acknowledging and rationalising the situation, and then putting in effort to reach out. Relationships are give and take, so make sure you’re putting effort into staying connected.

Put it into practice

It’s impossible to work 24/7. Although you may feel guilty for socialising when you ‘should’ be studying, it will actually help you be more productive; isolation lowers your mood and motivation, so taking time out to see people helps your energy and focus. Life is about more than just exams, and whilst you will have to make some sensible sacrifices, it’s good to get out and make memories.

Put it into practice

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