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The healthy side of anger

Why is anger seen as ‘bad’? This video explains how anger can improve your relationships and self-esteem when expressed healthily and constructively.

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We hear a lot about explosive, outwards anger, but swallowing you anger is equally as destructive. Speaking up about things that frustrate and irritate you is a healthy way to express your anger and prevent destructive outbursts.

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Your motives for swallowing your anger can come from a good place- you don’t want to appear ungrateful, hurt others feelings, misjudge a situation and be the one in the wrong. Expressing anger in an assertive way helps to overcome these fears.

Put it into practice

Learning to express when you’re frustrated is good for you. To avoid feeling unheard or taken advantage of you must stand up for yourself in a healthy way. Doing this leads to happier relationships with others and with yourself.

Put it into practice

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