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The problem with social media

How many times have you been told that social media sets unrealistic standards and damages self-esteem? You may know that’s a fact, but do you know why? Here’s the reasoning behind the impact social media has, and some tips to navigate it safely.

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The growth of social media has changed most people's perception of their self and their life. In a study over half of all participants reported that their self image, relationships, and trust had been negatively impacted by the polished realities presented on social media.

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Everyone compares - your evolution teaches you this for survival! The problem is that your brain isn’t wired to process comparisons at the fast pace social media moves at. This means that you unconsciously internalise these comparisons, and use the ‘ideal’ as a base to judge your own self worth.

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Over time real life doesn’t feel as good as the perfect one on your screen- you begin to expect validation instantly, and this can be bad for your body image. Looking in the mirror you expect yourself to match up to the subconscious ideals the media shows, and when it doesn’t your self-esteem takes a knock.

Put it into practice

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