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The secret to consistent calmness

How do you become one of those people who never lose their cool? By taking things slow! Licensed therapist Roberta Marowitz explains the calming magic of slowing down.

Top tips

All of us possess different levels of calm. Some people are naturally born calmer, some people learn to be calm, and others can actively choose to have an attitude of calm.

Put it into practice

Instead of trying to do lots of things at once, direct your energy into just one task at a time. This helps you focus, feel less overwhelmed, and slows down your mind so you can think before reacting.

Put it into practice

There are certain things that will trigger uncalm reactions. In these moments there are lots of techniques to keep your calm. Breathing is always a fantastic tool for this, but everyone has their individual methods. Try different techniques to figure out what works best for you.

Put it into practice

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