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Tips and tricks for anger management

Getting upset happens to everyone, but how do you stop the upset turning into uncontrollable anger? Here are 9 tips on how to deal with your frustration as it arises.

Top tips

Identify what circumstances and situations trigger your anger. You could avoid getting angry by avoiding those situations... but the reality isn’t so simple! Learning to recognise the feeling of anger building allows you to better control your response, even in the most infuriating of situations.

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Relaxation techniques like exercise, deep breathing and repeating calming mantras work to control escalating anger. Slowing down offers you the chance to think and release pent up energy before you react.

Put it into practice

It’s always best to talk about issues when they happen. Holding onto something that made you angry gives it time to grow, and when this happens you’re much more likely to have an explosive outburst.

Put it into practice

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