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Valuing your relationships- lessons from lockdown

Has lockdown and social distancing changed your relationships? Exploration vlogger Nathaniel Drew shares his experience of loneliness in lockdown and how it’s taught him to value his relationships.

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Everyone experiences their loneliness in different ways, and you may be surprised at the sudden waves of emotion that show how much isolation has affected you over this period. You have to remember that your experiences and thoughts are as valid as anyone else’s.

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You were probably taught to be a strong, independent individual, and as a result, may believe loneliness is a weakness that goes against these values. Loneliness doesn’t take away from independence, rather it acknowledges that lives are meant to be shared with those around you and the pandemic has made that harder.

Put it into practice

The value of relationships has become clear throughout the pandemic. It has shown that you have to put time, energy, and effort into relationships to be present in them. It has also highlighted the importance of building yourself a community filled with the ‘right’ people.

Put it into practice

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