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We Could All Use a Little Change

What can you do to practice being grateful in life? John Green shares why he and his children use gratitude journals to explore what they are grateful for in everyday life.

Top tips

It’s quite easy to train yourself to have an attitude of gratitude. Adding small practices to your day and becoming more aware of your thoughts can help you retrain your brain to have a more positive mindset.

Put it into practice

The most common way to add thankfulness into your day is through a ‘gratitude list’. You can add this to your day by writing a few things you’re grateful for when you wake up or when you go to bed.

Put it into practice

There will be days where it’s harder to find things to be thankful for, and that’s fine! Accept that you’re feeling low and use that day to focus on smaller things, eg. a cup of coffee or the weather, rather than the bigger things.

Put it into practice

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