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What are the biggest sources of stress for teenagers?

Stress occurs throughout your life, but why do you feel stressed out already? Watch these teens explain what it is that they find most stressful.

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Schoolwork and performing well at school is a cause of stress for most young people- this video reported that 83% of teens find this their biggest source of stress. This can be stressing about current assignments, future prospects, and pressure to live up to your family’s expectations.

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Developing your identity and fitting in is another stress source. Social media tends to make this problem worse because it allows you to compare yourself to others and place further expectations on yourself of how you ‘should’ be.

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Your environment can also be stressing you out. Keeping your bedroom tidy helps you feel more in control (and is one less thing to worry about!), but environment means more than just tidiness. Stress also comes from what is happening within your environment, such as tension in relationships and difficult circumstances.

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