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What are the different types of motivation

You know the term ‘motivated’, and you probably know the feeling too, but what causes you to feel motivated? Is one kind of motivation better than another? Discover the 4 types of motivation and how each affects you.

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Motivation means ‘the act of getting someone to act on a situation’. This can be broken down into 4 different types of motivation. - Extrinsic - this comes from external factors like reward, fear, or force - Intrinsic - this comes from within and is driven by positive feelings - Introjected - this comes from within and is driven by negative of guilty feelings - Identified - this is when you see that you need to do a task, but take no action to do so

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You’ll often rely on a mixture of internal and external motivation to reach your goal, but internal (self) motivation is the biggest factor in achieving what you set out to do.

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5 steps to build self-motivation: 1. Set small and measurable goals 2. Develop a mantra to reinforce a positive mindset 3. Create a routine or ritual to get you going 4. Challenge your negative thoughts and self-doubt 5. Face your fears and refuse to be deterred

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