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What does ‘calm’ really mean?

You probably know the word, understand the feeling, and want the behaviour, but what does ‘being calm’ really mean? Find out what calmness is and how it can benefit you.

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Calmness is a state of quiet in the mind and/or body where you aren’t experiencing any strong emotions. This doesn’t mean you’re emotionless, but that you’re in control of your state of mind and aren’t feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.

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Calmness is both a state of mind and a behavioural choice. Even though a lot of situations are out of your control you can always choose how to respond. Take a moment to pause and avoid acting on impulse.

Put it into practice

Whilst it’s important to express your emotions (otherwise they’ll boil over and explode!), there are benefits of calm behaviour and mindset

Put it into practice

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