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What does loneliness mean?

Why is loneliness seen as bad? What’s this feeling trying to tell you? Do you have to be alone to be lonely? Have the basics of this emotion explained by friendship expert Shasta Nelson.

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Just like hunger is a cue to eat, loneliness is a natural cue from your body and mind that you have an unmet need for connection. There’s a scale of loneliness from subtle to extreme, and you have to keep filling your need for connection to avoid sliding down that scale.

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Loneliness doesn’t mean you have no one that loves and cares for you- it’s simply an indicator that you need more connection, or a different kind of connection.

Put it into practice

You’re not alone in your loneliness, and this feeling doesn’t need to be shamed or stigmatised. Discovering the root of your loneliness means you can meet the need you’re currently lacking.

Put it into practice

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