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What’s behind your motivation?

Do you ever stare at your notes in despair and ask yourself ‘what’s the point?’ Use this exercise to uncover your ‘why’ and motivate yourself on a deeper, long-term level.

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Let’s be honest- grades themselves aren’t motivating. It’s much more appealing to find instant gratification in the here and now than to wait for your results 3 months away. When you feel like this, it's important to remember that grades (and all work) are a stepping stone towards a larger goal.

Put it into practice

Motivation comes in layers. To dig deeper and really understand your motivation, ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Then ask yourself why again, and again, and again. This simple exercise reveals a lot about what really drives you in life.

Put it into practice

You can figure out the deeper layers of your motivation, your passions in life, and your future aspirations by asking yourself these questions. Once you discover your ‘why’ it’s a lot easier to summon the internal motivation to work because you understand that present work has future results.

Put it into practice

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