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What to do when you have zero motivation

How do you get yourself going on those days where you really can’t be bothered? Productivity guru Thomas Frank shares his 4 tips for overcoming demotivation.

Top tips

When you’re struggling to find motivation you can look for long term or short term fixes. These long term solutions involve changing your lifestyle in order to develop productive habits and self-discipline. Whilst long term solutions are the goal, if you need to get something done then short term motivation is the way forward.

Put it into practice

If you need to get something done it sounds counterintuitive to not begin right away! But in taking the time to go for a short walk you can refresh your mind and energise yourself for the task at hand.

Put it into practice

Commit to just one thing. Write down one task (writing is a good visual reminder) and focus on only that instead of splitting your time and energy up.

Put it into practice

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